'Hivernation Volume 3'

If the pandemic has made one thing clear, it is that nobody has the answers. As the virus writes its history, it denies, corrects and contradicts many of the ideas that are held about it. Even medical experts admit ignorance. It is normal: the empirical method requires experience, and we have never experienced anything like this before. At the same time, uncertainty pushes us on an incessant search for explanations fueled by the current overdose of stimuli and information. But the only sure thing now is that in the future we will have to look back to get the verdicts. The goal of the ‘Hivernation’ series is to document a moment that will hardly be repeated again.
Sonic photographs that will remind us of the moment in which our way of life changed forever. How will they make us feel? Once again no one has the answer. But this is ok.

As with the first and second volume, the full digital bundle includes print-ready files of a multi-format poster that can also be adapted as a screensaver for laptop or phone. Elements of the artworks of all releases can be combined, inviting to experiment with their radial composition and creating a continuity between them. Most of the revenue generated by the release will go directly to all the artists involved.