'Hivernation Volume 2'

‘Hivernation’ is an ongoing project to document perspectives around the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The series seeks to reflect on a moment of historical inflection both by sharing new music by related artists and through its artwork, fruit of a collaboration between designer Guillermo Lucenas and art collective Sociedad0. While the visual aspect of the first installment focused on the general uncertainty in which we are all immersed, this second volume revolves around contradictions. The fact is that, in addition to the general state of concern, the current situation is defined by the permanent contradiction in which we live. The contradictions of the system and the laws, but also our own and those of the people around us. In the poster that accompanies the release, Sociedad0 pose a series of oppositions that highlight some of the inconsistencies that the virus has raised and hint at the crossroads that we face as a society. This ‘reboot’ moment is an opportunity to rethink what doesn’t work, but it can also be exploited to impose exceptions as rules. Contradictions are part of human nature and therefore are inevitable. We just need to be aware of them to avoid falling into confusion.

As with the first volume, the full digital bundle includes print-ready files of a multi-format poster that can also be adapted as a screensaver for laptop or phone. Elements of the artworks of both releases can be combined, inviting to experiment with their radial composition and creating a continuity between them. Most of the revenue generated by the release will go directly to all the artists involved.