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This is volume one of Cosmographia (International Cassette Culture), a selection of tracks originally released on cassette in the late 80s plus some never published ones by three European acts: Idee du Femelle (Barcelona, Spain), Genetic Factor (Amsterdam, Holland) and Collectionism (Frankfurt, Germany).

Their common link is the “non-musician” concept as originally stated by Brian Eno, also to be found in Kraftwerk, Can, Cluster and some modern classical composers like Ligeti or Cage. All three were deeply involved in the live scene and the self-distribution ethics of their time. All of them innovated in aesthetics as well as music itself and that showed in their live performances, working with artists from other fields to create a sound-and-vision experience recaptured here on vinyl.

Idee du Femelle, starting in 1984, managed to record 9 cassettes, most of them self-produced and distributed by mail. Toni Parera, the man behind Idee du Femelle, is a versatile musician who wrote music in several electronic styles, such as New Age, experimental, Berlin school and ambient.

Genetic Factor, an impersonation of Richard Zeilstra, started out in 1977, mainly out of love for an improbable merge of  more

released July 1, 2018

“Lejanas Mareas”, “To Anzil” and “Cántico” are taken from the self-produced cassette ‘La Máscara’ (1987), so that they predate ‘Sequences’ (1988).

”Torture Day” is a live recording from the Anti-tones Festival at the Paradiso, Amsterdam. Aad De Mooi and Hans Meyer played on this gig too. “On a Northern Shore” is a home studio recording with Robby Horsfall on guitar. Both tracks date back to 1984 and are first-ever releases in any format.

“Clarinet Backwards” and “Das Gift” come from their self-titled only album Collectionism (Independance, cassette, 1986). Collectionism appeared on several cassette compilations and even on a vinyl one, ‘Der Sampler’ (Independance, 1987), with a different version of “Das Gift”.

All tracks mastered from the original tapes by Ruud Lekx, 2018.