Shame on Us
12" Vinyl

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A1. Naam
A2. Naam (Fantastic Man Remix)
B. Naam (John Talabot’s Amazonian Remix)

Shame On Us is a live electronic-percussion trio from Tel-Aviv formed by Naduve, Yovav and Alek Lee. ‘NAAM’ is their first release and a great insight into their sound: rooted in a balearic spirit, highly percussive and with an hypnotic and uplifting quality. The 12” is rounded with remixes by Fantastic Man and John Talabot, who take the tracks to new dance floor and psychedelic heights.

The artwork is an original painting by San Sebastian-Based artist Iker Spozio, with design by Alicia Carrera. This is a limited edition vinyl-only release.

Release date: February 2nd, 2018