HVN007 - Pional
A Moot Point
12" Vinyl

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A1. In Another Room
A2. In Another Room (Rebolledo Remix)
A3. Cocoples De Gana
B1. Cocoples De Gana (Basic Soul Unit Remix)
B2. Cocoples De Gana (Basic Soul Unit Alternative Remix)
B3. In Another Room (Pional’s Reduxed Version)

After a very rewarding year, in Hivern we unveil the new decade doing what we like the most; releasing a vinyl of a new artist. In this case it’s the turn of Pional, Miguel Barros alter ego, who the label followers will recall as the protagonist of our third reference with his other project; Alt Fenster. Some months ago we received a demo of a song that left us completely stunned. It was “In Another Room”, a gem were ethereal pop and dance rythms melted together in seven minutes of breathtaking beauty. Sampling, editing and superimposing layers of his own voice, Pional creates a very personal song, of a strange beauty and tremendously emotional. Moreover, Pional offers us a redux version of it(only available in digital format) which reaches moments of memorable intensity. To go with it, “Cocoples de Ghana” an exotic house track that carries us to a rave in the middle of the Amazon jungle through it’s old-school bass, tribal sounds an a strange melody that comes and goes. Two different but very personal songs, which are just a small sample of Pional’s enormous talent, we already have new music from him prepared for the year that starts.

Just as we did with our first vinyl release, we achieved to recruit two top class remixers; Basic Soul Unit and Rebolledo. The Canadian producer offers us two different reconstructions of “Cocoples de Ghana”; in the first remix Stuart Li filters the original song through it’s characteristic style; deep tech-house filled up with detroit-ish atmospheres and analog sounds. In the second remix (only availabe in the digital release) he tranforms the warm sound of the original track into a raw and trippy acid techno monster. Rebolledo, for his part, keeps faithfull to his style of endless loops and, adding a fat bass and his own voice, shows us the dark corners of that “Another Room”.
We always look forward to a vinyl release with a special emotion, and even more if it’s a new artist in which we believe and that we want to share with the world. We hope you like it as much as we do. We’ll be back soon.

Release date: February 11th, 2010