HVN032 - Cleveland
12" Vinyl

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Cleveland is the nom-de-guerre of upcoming Luxembourgian producer Andrea Mancini. ‘Atlas’ is his Hivern debut, in which he delivers 3 new productions that keep broadening his evocative sound.

Builded around the warm tones of analog synths such as the Roland Juno 106 and the Korg Polysix, Cleveland’s productions have an overall dreamy feel without loosing it’s dancefoor focus. The title track is a perfect example of it. Starting with sparse bongos and a discoid steady bass, ‘Atlas’ keeps growing with interlacing arpeggios and whimsical pads that rise the tension without sounding overly epic. If you’ve been to one of John Talabot’s sets in the last months, you’ve probably already danced to it. ‘Shine’ and ‘Mercury’ share a similar palette, the former asserting the cosmic edge of the EP with it’s expansive arpeggios and the latter introducing a darker twist with icy melodies and ravey breaks.

‘Atlas’ comes wrapped in a sleeve by Donostia-based design studio Cosas Primo.

Release Date: January 8th, 2016