HVN044 - Core
12" Vinyl

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A1. Galaxy
A2. Air
B1. Moon
B2. Proxima B
I Wish You Could See This (Digital Only)

When Daniel Kyo was producing ‘Galaxy’ in his studio he stood up and felt it. Following several months of what he calls a “musical reset”, he knew he’d hit something special. After releasing music for a decade, Core might be the boldest step in his career. A new identity in which all his influences finally come together into an absolutely fresh perspective. Melodies are still the main driving force of the five cuts in ‘Galaxy’, but the approach is more raw and heartfelt, injecting the kind of vivacity that determines if a track it’s simply a product of it’s time or if it becomes timeless. Borrowing elements from the cosmic side of techno, the darkest corners of trance and the glacial atmospheres of Synthwave, all of the tracks in this EP ooze the kind of immediacy and transcendence you can only find in the best 90’s dance music. Driven by is interest in astronomy, Daniel says he tried to achieve an “outer space feeling”; we can only add that embracing the void was never so gratifying.

The 12” comes housed in a sleeve designed by Barcelona-based artist Alicia Carrera.

Release date: March 9th, 2018