HVN046 - C.P.I.
Meine Hand
12" Vinyl

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A1. Masa y Poder
A2. Sendero Luminoso
B1. Meine Hand
B2. Niños de Belgrado

With ‘El Túnel / Proceso’, Marc Piñol and Hugo Capablanca aced their blend of industrial, acid, techno and new beat in an EP that remains one of the most celebrated moments in the Hivern catalogue. Now, the evasive duo return to set the bar even higher. Four years might seem quite a lot of time, but for C.P.I. it was the necessary period to get rid of expectations and let space for something new to emerge. Studio sessions in places like Berlin, Barcelona, and Belgrade brought together an amalgam of voices, spontaneous liasons, mutations and surprising movements that finally crystallised in the four cuts that conform ‘Meine Hand’. ‘Masa y Poder’ and ‘Sendero Luminoso’ are two sides of the same coin. Under all the layers, both ride exactly the same rhythm. Two completely different paths that share a common starting point. One builds tension on the dancefloor. The other one tries to fool the threat in the mist. With it’s unrelenting acid bassline and lethargic vocals, ‘Meine Hand’ feels like some kind of love from above, yet another unexplainable conclusion. ‘Niños de Belgrado’ are, in fact, the children of Belgrade. High on drugs. An impending sense of doom. Longing for wasted years or perhaps an external threat lurking, who knows.
Standard edition comes in a black cover with insert. Designed by Arnau Pi.

Release date: April 20th, 2018