HVNX-100 - Bep Kororoti
12" Mini-LP Vinyl

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A1. Canoa
A2. Crackle
A3. Jhunde
A4. Tzantza
B1. Proronga
B2. Pesadillas del Marabú
B3. Subvariation

Bep Kororoti is a mythical ancient astronaut worshipped by the tribes of the Amazon Jungle. It’s also the name chosen by Alejandro Rodríguez aka Kresy for his new side project. The music on this 12” mostly comes from hardware live jams recorded in one take, which translates into the primal energy of the tracks. Constructed around raw drums, decayed tones, corroded synths, acid bursts, ritualistic chants and an overall toxic haze, it’s music that sounds primitive, menacing and intriguing all at once. Just as the tales of ancestral visitors from outer space that inspired it.

All the releases of the series will come wrapped in a special sleeve designed by Hivern’s in-house designer Arnau Pi.

Release date: April 29th, 2016