HVNX-1000 - Arthur Evans
Bird Studies
Mini-LP Digital

In ‘Bird Studies’, Edu Tarradas aka Arthur Evans revisits childhood memories by blending long takes of his modular system with field recordings captured in the backyard of his parents home, where he grew up in a village 45km away from Barcelona. Those recordings were what inspired him to try to “be as natural as when I was a kid in that backyard”, keeping all the sounds as pure as possible, without overthinking too much. All of the music was recorded in one week in March 2019. In those sessions, Edu kept Ableton recording at all times while patching his synths and then selected the best parts without editing them. As a result, everything in these 10 compositions feels as soothing as a carefree childhood spring. HVNX1000 will be the last chapter of the HVNX series, which was born in 2016 as an outlet for conceptual releases centered on specific machines, ideas, or performances. Throughout these four years, the series has hosted very different projects, from the acid rawness of Inga Mauer to the dubby esotericism of Lamusa II, from the cosmic expansiveness of Zodiac Arts Club to the techno reductionism of Simon Haydo, and from a documentary soundtrack to a live performance. HVNX has never been defined by a genre, a type of sound or a way of working: the only constant has been the commitment to an idea. The series artwork was conceived by Arnau Pi with inserts by all the artists involved.

Released December 14, 2020